Hello Nuremberg!

We’re super excited to open up a chapter in Franconia’s capital – lots of exploring to do, lots of social, creative, smart people to connect with, lots of opportunities to check out, lots and lots and lots to learn.

Nuremberg: let’s hang!

This won’t work without you though… because to become a community, it takes real people to meet up, have conversations, share time, knowledge and perhaps a drink and make this an alive platform to play on. Are you interested? We’re just a couple of normal people just like you so don’t be shy, drop us a line and let’s hang!

To make it easier for you to connect and be totally casual about it, we’ve set up a facebook group – please join and invite your fellow interaction design aficionados!

IxDA Nuremberg: KickOff event

Also, it ain’t real before it’s real. Luckily, the IxDA Nuremberg KickOff is only 3 weeks away and it’s going to be so wonderful, so please pop by!
The event going to take place during the Nürnberg Digital Festival on Monday, July 15th 2019. There’s a facebook event for it, too!
And if you’re interested in the festival which we highly recommend, check in here.

We’ve sorted out a super pretty super central location with room for about 50 people, we have 2 speakers confirmed, we’re going to order some drinks and snacks and nice summer weather for those after talk drinks in the garden and we’re so so so looking forward to set this thing up in Nuremberg and meet you all!

Newsletter coming soon!

If you’re interested to stay updated with upcoming events and about the IxDA Nuremberg chapter and community, please sign up for the newsletter here.

Hopefully, we’ve provided all the info you might need to get in touch with us – also feel free to drop us a mail at hello@ixdanuremberg.de!
Nothing more to say than see you soon and bring a friend! Until then, dearies, enjoy the beautiful summertime and if you like, spread the word about the new IxDA chapter here in Franconia. Thanks a lot!

IxDA Nuremberg

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  1. Nadya Bayer

    Thanks for keeping me up to date. KR, Nadya

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